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I am Laura, a professional tour guide of 7 years licensed by the Government of Catalonia. I qualified with a Cultural Master’s Degree at the University of Girona were I have also taught lessons on Tour Guiding to my peers.

When I was studying tourism I wasn’t 100% sure of what or where it was going to take me; but with a love for history, art , languages and being a people person, becoming a tour guide was the most natural path for me to follow.

Since qualifying in 2012, guiding has been not just my full time job, but my passion. I feel so grateful to be able to meet different people everyday and show all the secrets and history the fascinating city of Girona has to offer.

I am a foodie! When it comes to food I am in ‘Heaven’. I love to travel, to explore and taste new places. When I am picking my next adventure, the culture and its food is always at the top of my list. So if too are a big culinary fan like me, then let me also show the delights of Catalan gastronomy.

Catalonia is a big sporting region and I am lucky enough to be able to open water swim, ride on the Costa Brava and hike in the hills of Montserrat.

So come follow me on your next adventure and I will make sure it is an experience that you will never forget.

Are you with me?

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