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Sylvia Vadney
Sylvia Vadney
While I was preparing for a trip to Barcelona, Spain I found Laura on Instagram. She had posted pictures of a town in Spain called Girona. I had a few free days to fill so I reached out to her to see if she did tours. Lucky us, she was a licensed tour guide. In the week leading up to us leaving for Spain, Laura sent us a detailed itinerary of our day trip to Girona and instructions on how to purchase train tickets. I wanted to buy them in advance so Laura offered to meet me via Zoom so she could help me. It didn’t work out but after Laura investigated, it was no fault of our own. She went above and beyond by purchasing the tickets for me and having me reimburse her. Once we arrived to Spain she checked on us twice to ensure we didn’t need help or recommendations around Barcelona. A few days later we met Laura in Girona, as planned after following her directions. She is truly a nice person!!! As we walked through Girona, she showed us all the sites, both historical and the GOT scenes since some of us were fans. While in the Jewish district a pigeon pooped on me! Laura handled it professionally and kept everything moving along so positive. She was spot on in her restaurant recommendations, she introduced us to the native xuixo (shoo-shoo) dessert and again, was so knowledgeable throughout the entire tour of the history of each area. I’m so glad I found Laura! I would recommend her tour of Girona over and over again. What a lovely day trip from Barcelona with an equally lovely person. Thank you so very much Laura!